August Haul

Along with doing reviews of stuff now and then(and the rambles I finally having a solid home for) I’ll also be posting my monthly Hauls of stuff I buy(well when I buy things that is). For the month of August I actually got a lot more then I normally would. Well I’m sure it helps that one of them is a semi birthday present(only had to pay for half of it). As you can see above I picked up Not Lives volume 6 by Karasuma Wataru and translated by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Secondly is this collection of Monogatari artbooks. If I recall their is another set of these but they cost a lot more. I’d like to collect them as well but I’ll to do it at a slower pace. Anyway here is the 8 book set. Nadeko’s actually includes a manga “written” and “drawn” by her. If I recall correctly it’s the manga that Kaiki finds in her closet. It also fits her theme seeing as it looks exactly like a manga mag you’d buy at the store.

You can’t see it because the slip cover thing is covering it but the Fire Sisters are holding(respectively) a toothbrush and a normal brush. I’m not sure if they were going for a sort of pun in both being brushes but I’d like to think Tsukihi would be much better off with a pry bar. [Mono books part 1 image] [Mono books part 2 image]

Lastly I ended up buying the Kanpani Girls anthology released at the end of the month. I might not whale but I can’t not get a good anthology. I also got the last two volumes of Douman Seiman’s work Nickelodeon. Between this and Voynich Hotel I’d say they’re probably his most known works(at least in the English speaking community). In the future I plan to collect more of his works. Of course I’m also following along with his new work “How Many Light-Years to Babylon?”. [Kanpani Girls and Nickelodeon image]

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